Ress Family Healing by Music Program at FAU

Established through the generosity of the Ress family, this unique program brings student musicians from the Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters Department of Music into local treatment centers to introduce live music performances as a positive influence in the medical setting. Although these performances do not constitute formal music therapy, they do offer many of the same benefits, such as stress relief, anxiety reduction and providing a healing environment.

The graduate students who give these performances gain valuable experience in community outreach. They also learn how to provide interactive, intimate performances and to realize how they can profoundly impact people through their music.

Performances have been consistently well-received by patients, family members and healthcare staff. These live concerts clearly provide an effective distraction from the many stressors and physical discomfort that patients in treatment face on a daily basis. Not only do the student musicians reach out and touch their audience, but, through personal interaction, they are also forever touched.

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